Cards Mailed

The total number of cards this client mailed out over their entire campaign.


Tracked Calls

The number of calls to the unique call tracking number on this client's postcard.


Google Impressions

The number of times this client's Google Ad was seen on the web.


Google Clicks

The number of times this client's Google Ad was clicked on.

The Situation

Aaron Hersch needed an effective marketing campaign to generate new clients for his wealth building services. He contacted us to mail postcards and run coordinated Google ads using our DirectMail2.0 product.

The Solution

We designed a marketing postcard in addition to matching Google ads, that showed prospects that doing business with Denver Wealth Advisors would mean more money in the door!

Here’s why the design worked:

  • An offer that is hard to resist; $100 gift card when you meet with us
  • Bold blue contact information hat catches the readers eye
  • A picture of the owner and information on what Aaron can do for you

The Results

"After mailing only 1,000 cards - 12 unique phone calls and over 2,000 website clicks!"

Tracked Calls
Number of Times Google Ad Displayed
Google Ad Clicks

After 1,000 financial marketing postcards were mailed — in addition to the DirectMail2.0 online ads this financial planner received 12 prospect calls and 2,099 clicks to their website. In addition to this 178,427 people have seen their google ads! The owners immediately generated over 2,000 website clicks from this financial service marketing campaign.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other financial services using proven accountant marketing!

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