The Situation

Commercial cleaning and maintenance specialist West Coast Maintenance in Gardena, CA wanted to get the word out about a brand new serviceholiday displays! Searching for an effective way to generate new business and let their current clients know about this new service, West Coast Maintenance gave the postcard marketing experts at PostcardMania a call

The Solution

After a little research and hearing so many success stories from businesses who had chosen postcards, Jamie at West Coast Maintenance pulled the trigger on a small campaign (just 350 postcards!) with PostcardMania. Jamie left the design work up to our team, who produced an eye-catching design with a clear message that would attract new clients for the upcoming holiday season. Ensuring the design immediately conveys whats being offered is a MUST in direct mail!

For the mailing list, West Coast Maintenance provided us with a list of 280 prospective and existing clients, to which weve mailed just once. Now, we definitely recommend mailing consistently to maximize results its pretty essential but West Coast Maintenance was able to defy the odds with such a small campaign and a single mailing to get results

The Results

6 calls and $2000 in revenue after mailing just 280 cards!

West Coast Maintenance is pretty much in love with postcard marketing now. They were blown away at how super easy we made it for them (their words!) and they are booked with jobs through January! They got about 6 calls regarding the flyer and will generate about $2,000. All of that from just printing 350 cards and mailing 280 of them! Thats a great return on investment.

Of course, $2,000 is just what theyll make in immediate revenue. That doesnt even include the referrals theyll get from those new clients or the repeat orders that are sure to come back around in the future!

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