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The Situation

Dearinger Cleaning LLC is a residential cleaning service located in Waynesville, Ohio.  They were looking for a creative way to let nearby residents know about their services so they contacted PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

They decided on a direct mail marketing campaign bundled with Google, Instagram and Facebook advertising in our Everywhere Small Business package. You can see those advertisements above. As you’ll notice, these ads are all coordinated — that’s to ensure your ads are maximizing the impact they have on prospects and actually overcome the ad blindness that so many consumers have built up. (We see millions of ads every day and our subconscious is getting really good at blocking them!)

Dearinger Cleaning LLC’s design included:

  • A headline that immediately communicates the card’s message
  • A picture of a spotless kitchen
  • A 5 star review from a previous client

The biggest reason for this campaign’s success was the specificity of their mailing list. They purchased a resident occupant list of residents in a 10 mile radius around their business with a median income of $75,000 and a median home market value of $250,000. These specs ensured that every recipient could afford their services and had a home worth taking professional care of.

The Results

So much new business they need a new employee!
Digital Ad Network Impressions Clicks
Google 8,107 68
Gmail 5,347 55
Facebook/Instagram 3,852 50

So much new business they need a new employee! 

Dearinger Cleaning LLC reported the campaign was a MASSIVE success! Many customers called in saying they absolutely loved the card, and since starting the campaign the phone has been ringing off the hook. They have so much new business, in fact, that they’re looking to hire a new employee!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other cleaning businesses!