The postcard design featured a bright and clean visual look using a bright blue, green and yellow on the front. This is exactly what you want for cleaning industry business campaigns. There was an offer featured right on the front, which is always a great way to grab a reader’s attention. It offered 10% off the prospect’s first home cleaning or window washing. The front also featured graphics of a dishwashing-gloved hand scrubbing in the top right corner and a bucket of cleaning supplies in the bottom right corner. The copy on the back focused on the benefits to the customer, such as convenience, reliability, and quality work (with references!). It also repeated the offer with all the details of the discount.

The Situation

Homework Enterprises is a professional cleaning service company, who wanted to expand their clientele. They wanted to see their business grow and learned direct mail postcard marketing could get them there. They consulted with our expert staff to craft a marketing plan that would give them the most reward for their marketing efforts.

The Solution

Our marketing team created an engaging visual design that was consistent with the benefits of their industry. They focused on using graphics and copy that reinforced the benefits their customers enjoy, so prospects could visualize them in their own lives. These postcards were mailed to quality prospects, so they had the best chance of generating interest in their offers.

The Results

Acquired more than 60 new customers generating approximately a 1000% return on their investment!

“For the past year, we picked up about 50 new window washing customers and 10-12 new (house) cleaning customers. All together we have made about 10 times more than my investment. And the nice thing is that next Spring/Summer/Fall, we will have a lot of repeat window washing jobs.” That’s what I call RESULTS!