The Situation

Premier Softwash Solutions is a power wash cleaning business located outside of Orlando, Florida. They wanted to find a way to promote to their target market with tangible marketing materials so they came to PostcardMania. This is a great way to start a soft wash business!

The Solution

With the help of our marketing consultants, Premier Softwash Solutions settled on a direct mail campaign that targeted residents in their area.

Premier Softwash Solutions’ postcard design included a number of successful elements like:

  • Before and after photos of their cleaning work so the recipient can see the improvements resulting from their jobs.
  • Colorful and professionally designed graphics, giving the card an eye-catching edge.
  • Transparency of their cleaning services so the recipient understands who they are and what they do.

For their mailing list, our marketing consultants helped them decide on an Every Door Direct Mail marketing campaign that targeted local residents in their area. EDDM is a service from the USPS that lets you blanket an entire area with your postcards for a discounted postage rate. They targeted all residents within a radius surrounding their practice!

The Results

Generated over $100,000!

According to Premier Softwash Solutions, this campaign generated between 150-200 responses. They typically close about 95% of their leads and the average job runs about $650! That means they would have generated over $100,000. While only spending $1,486 on their campaign, that makes their return on investment 6629%!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other cleaning services.

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