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Music Schools Marketing Case Studies | Music Schools Marketing Ideas

Music Schools Case Studies

View tried-and-true music schools marketing plans including real music schools postcards! See actual mailing lists, music school postcards designs, frequency of mailings, and all the details of real music schools marketing plans which produced new students! Plus, each case study features easy-to-replicate music school advertisements and strategies which you can implement for your business!

Voice Lessons
…their minutes per day of teaching has skyrocketed to over 10,000!
Robertson Piano Services
…99 new appointments so far from the campaign!
Music Festivals and Tours
They receive 2 to 3 applications per day and notice a direct correlation between mail volume and increases in revenue!
The Music Cottage
10 new students and a 510% return on investment!
Avalon School Of Music
$5,418 in new revenue each month!
ISchool Of Music And Art
We started using postcard marketing to increase the number of enrollments...
Playtime Music Studios
The latest online marketing technology is great, but there will always be a place for the dependable results of direct mail postcards.
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