The Situation

The Music Cottage is a music school in Brewster, NY, about an hour north of New York City. They called PostcardMania for help attracting new students.

The Solution

After handling hundreds of music school marketing campaigns, our consultant knew that targeted direct mail postcards generate big results for music education, and the Music Cottage was on board!

Using the proven results from other music schools, our designers worked with the Music Cottage to create a super-effective postcard:

  • The bright blue and yellow design attracts the recipients attention
  • A clear headline with supporting images tells prospects right away what is being offered
  • A great offer jumps off the postcard in its own green box (and an expiration date encourages people to act sooner rather than later!)
  • The contact information in large print on the front and back makes it easy for prospects to get more information or schedule a lesson

Our marketing experts helped the Music Cottage purchase a targeted mailing list that would deliver their message to the people most likely to sign up for lessons families in their community with children and a combined income of $50k or more.

We recommend mailing multiple times for maximum exposure (and better results!), but the Music Cottage generated a solid response with just one mailing!

The Results

10 new students and a 510% return on investment!

After mailing their postcard just one time to a list of 4,128 households, the Music Cottage signed up 10 new students, and were expecting more to come over the summer. With an average tuition of $100 per month, the music school expects to bring in nearly $12,000 in income in just the first year from those 10 students a 510% return on their investment!

If those students stay for two, three or more years (as many do!), that revenue will only continue to grow!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other music schools!

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