The Situation

A reputable home remodeling company based in Lake Elsinore, CA, faced the challenge of expanding their client base despite local competition. Seeking to bolster their marketing efforts, they turned to PostcardMania for an effective direct mail strategy.

The Solution

PostcardMania collaborated with the home remodeling company to craft a compelling 6 x 11 postcard design, featuring:

  • 25% OFF Promotional Offer: Highlighting a 25% discount on remodeling services!
  • Service Offerings: Clearly listed services to attract potential clients.
  • QR Code: Facilitating easy access to the company’s website for more information.
  • Customer Testimonial: Showcasing a 5-star review to build trust.
  • Free Estimate Offer: Encouraging recipients to schedule consultations.

The campaign involved mailing 121,412 postcards to targeted households in Lake Elsinore, CA.

The Results

They generated an incredible $1.168 million in revenue!

The direct mail campaign yielded exceptional outcomes:

  • Responses: 142 individuals responded to the postcards.
  • Conversions: 61 responses were converted into paying customers.
  • Revenue Generated: An impressive $1.168 million in total revenue.
  • Investment: The total investment in the campaign amounted to $72,874.
  • ROI: Achieved a remarkable ROI of 1,503%.

Super happy with the success of this campaign, the home remodeling company plans to continue leveraging direct mail as a core marketing strategy with PostcardMania! If you’re interested in starting your own home remodeling direct mail campaign, get in touch with a marketing consultant today!

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