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The Situation

The hearing aid market can be pretty competitive, so one hearing aid provider sought out a proven way to get an edge on their competition a PostcardMania direct mail marketing campaign. We provided them with a blueprint to success thats been mapped out by our 66,000+ clients, and the rest is results history!

The Solution

After consulting our marketing experts, they decided to target women over 60 years old with an income above $80,000. Our design team put together a message that appeals to the emotional benefits of a hearing aid hearing your grandchilds laughter. Their postcard was designed for maximum impact utilizing these successful techniques:

– A headline and image that clearly convey the benefits of a hearing aid

– A compelling discount ($500 off!) that is time-sensitive to encourage prospects to call sooner rather than later

– A bold call to action that tells prospects exactly what to do

For their mailing, they purchased 4,000 records near their location matching the profile above. Repetition is an important part of direct mail success, and this campaign is no exception they mailed 4,000 cards once a month for a period of three months. And the results? They speak for themselves…

The Results

The company closed two sales right away, earning $4,000 EACH

The results from this campaign quickly paid for its cost! The company closed two sales right away, earning $4,000 EACH (just one of these sales nearly paid for their whole marketing campaign alone). Five new appointments were also booked as a result of the postcards, which has the potential to bring in around $20,000 more. Say what?!?

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