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The postcard was designed with a very clean look. The visual appeal of the card reinforced the marketing message it was communicating. The card was specifically promoting the company’s hood cleaning services, so the light, white background and crisp layout matched the services they were offering prospects. They used an image of sparkling, “you could eat off them” hoods to show prospects what they were getting with Service General’s services. They accented the white background with yellow text and a yellow circle in the bottom left corner, which held their two special offers. The bright accents helped them grab the attention of their targeted prospects.

The Situation

Service General, like any small business, wanted to grow its clientele. They wanted to get their name out to the community, get more customers and generate more revenue. They heard about postcard marketing and wanted to see if it was the real deal for growing small businesses, so they called our marketing experts to learn more.

The Solution

Building your clientele requires new leads for you to turn into customers. To generate those leads you need consistent exposure to quality prospects. Service General got this exposure by mailing a strategically designed postcard to 1,000 specifically targeted prospects – restaurants with <300 employees – three times a month. They offer hood cleaning and equipment repair, so these restaurants were great prospective customers for their business. All they needed to do was put their offers in front of them consistently and they could turn them into customers.

The Results

We generated 12-15 new customers and brought in $2,400-$3,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

The postcards generated the leads Service General was looking for. They gained 12-15 new customers and generated $2,400-$3,000 in new jobs from those customers. The great part about postcards is the results only grow the longer you mail.

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