The Situation

For over 30 years, Top Hat Tuxedo has provided tuxedos and suit rentals to the greater Pittsburgh area. When they decided to expand their clientele, they contacted PostcardMania and began the process of choosing a marketing campaign. After much consideration, Top Hat settled on DirectMail2.0a fully integrated marketing campaign that maximizes the budget by combining mail tracking, online follow-up ads, phone call tracking, and direct mail.

The Solution

Top Hat Tuxedos provided us with a mailing list of brides-to-be for their DirectMail2.0 campaign. With that list in mind, we created a card that prominently displays a picture of a wedding party along with several offers on the frontthis design helps to remind the prospects of the products and services offered. The back side of the card provides a bit more information with copy that is straight and to the point.

For their mailing schedule, we settled on mailing 1,000-1,500 postcards each month for 5 months. So far theyve mailed 6,500 postcards.

The Results

They received 77 unique phone calls with the average cost of a rental at $141 each

With 6,500 postcards under their belt, Top Hat Tuxedos received 77 unique phone callsthats a lot of phone callsand 249,047 views of their Google follow up ads. Can you imagine if half of those calls closed? With the cost of a tuxedo rental averaging $141, they would make $5358!

CSID: 3750