The Situation

Tilo Jewelry is a family-run business that opened in Long Island, New York in the mid-90s. Over 25 years of hard work and dedication, they have built a team of highly skilled professionals who make fine, handmade jewelry. They needed a way to bring in more customers so they reached out to PostcardMania for marketing advice.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 4.25 x 6 inch postcard for them that included the following features:

  • An offer of 10% off a purchase via an offer code on the card
  • A five-star review from a satisfied customer
  • Professional photos of their jewelry
  • Their website address was also listed so the recipient could browse the website for more jewelry options

Tilo Jewelry received 12,000 postcards from PostcardMania and distributed them on their own in anticipation of the holiday season. They also signed up for an Everywhere Small Business plan that included digital ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

The Results

They generated $10,000 in revenue and an ROI of 958%!

The digital ads performed very well and resulted in 32,366 impressions on Google with 529 clicks and 10,399 impressions on Facebook with 165 clicks.

As a result, they received 150 responses and converted 125 of them. In the end, this Everywhere Small Business campaign brought in $10,000 in revenue. Their initial investment was $945, so the return on investment amounts to an impressive 958%!

Since then, Tilo Jewelry has ordered another 30,000 postcards. They are looking forward to achieving even greater results in the future.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for jewelry companies.


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