Physical Therapy Case Studies

View proven-to-work physical therapy marketing ideas including tried-and-true physical therapy postcards! See actual mailing lists, physical therapy advertisements, frequency of mailings, and all the details of real physical therapy marketing plans! Plus, each case study features easy-to-replicate physical therapy advertising strategies which you can implement all year long!

Successful Physical Therapy Postcard Campaign
…the practice has gained six new patients and even reactivated some old patients as well!
Using PostcardMania, we get lead generation without any of the hassle.
Marketing is judged by the growth it generates and its return on investment. Postcard marketing is king of both.
Business owners want to focus on the big picture. Outsourcing your marketing frees up your time so you can.
The great thing about repeat postcard mailings is it develops a self-perpetuating marketing cycle and continues to build.
This physical therapy business learned you can get better marketing results with less-hassle by outsourcing your marketing.
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