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Fitness Case Studies

View fitness postcards for marketing with these real gym marketing plans! See mailing lists, designs, frequency of mailings, and all details for proven-to-work gym marketing campaigns. Plus, each case study shows easy-to-copy gym marketing ideas you can use for new sign-ups all year long!

Successful Fitness Postcard Campaign
They spent $4,312.42 with postage included, and so far, they have made $20,000. Their ROI is 363%!
Successful Fitness Postcard Campaign
We generated 20 responses and 4 registrations in just 2 weeks with our postcards!
Successful Fitness Postcard Campaign
We've generated $9,600 in revenue from our postcard campaigns!
Successful Fitness Postcard Campaign
Even black and white cards can deliver great results when they are designed with marketing intention and understanding.
Those who try postcard marketing don't see any reason to stop, because their business continues to grow.
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