The Situation

Workouts on the Hill, a self-service gym in Aubrey, CA, aimed to attract new members and increase revenue. Seeking an effective marketing strategy, they collaborated with PostcardMania to design a compelling direct mail campaign.

The Solution

PostcardMania created a visually engaging postcard that included:

  • A striking picture of young people working out
  • A clear description of where the fitness center is located
  • A “24 hour gym” call out
  • A call to action to “commit to be fit!”

5000 postcards were then mailed to targeted contacts in the local area.

The Results

They generated $8,500 in revenue!

The campaign successfully brought in new business:

  • They received 10 responses.
  • All 10 responses were converted into paying customers.
  • This resulted in $8,500 in revenue.
  • With an investment of $2,570, their ROI was a great 230%.

The successful implementation of this direct mail campaign has proven to be a valuable strategy for Workouts on the Hill, driving both awareness and membership. Get in touch with a marketing consultant today to get started on your own fitness or gym direct mail campaign!

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