The postcard’s design was black and white, so it got right down to business. It separated the qualifying criteria into its own separate box for easy reference. They started out the copy saying “Congratulations”, which got the attention of the postcard recipients. In this economy, people are looking to lose weight affordably. Bolding, “Absolutely No Study Fee” caught people’s attention and gave them the confidence to call to find out more. The phone number was also big and easy to locate, which is key in any successful design.

The Situation

Contours Express is a women’s-only gym that wanted to persuade more members to enroll in a weight loss study they were doing. They knew postcards were known as an effective marketing tool, so they consulted with our marketing experts to learn how to use them for this specific business goal.

The Solution

We designed and printed 5,760 6 x 8.5 postcards promoting their 36-week weight loss study. Postcard Design: This black and white design, provided by Contours Express, is very straightforward and immediately tells the reader what they are looking at. The recipient can quickly see if she qualifies for the study by the criteria on the left side of the card. The back is very simple and prompts people to call for more info and sign up. Mailing Schedule: The campaign of 5,760 postcards was mailed one time. Mailing List: Females, age 30+, $60,000 + income in 3 surrounding zip codes.

The Results

Even black and white cards can deliver great results when they are designed with marketing intention and understanding.

They received 45 calls resulting in 25 women signing up for the study. Average sale from each postcard customer: $507 – that equals $12,675 for one year. Campaign Cost, Including postage: $2455 ROI (Return on Investment): 516%

CSID: 3746