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Other Case Studies

Artistwelder Grave Concerns
13 sales for $6,500 in revenue!
Westmoreland Country Club
5-10 new memberships bringing in an annualized income of $15,000-$30,000!
Executive Business Broker
Every 1,000 mailers sent out they get 1 or 2 businesses to sell!!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
JT Forestry Commerce 
128,823 impressions and 794 clicks to their website!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Pearl Equipment
4,269% immediate return on investment!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Houston Beauty Pageant Company
Added 1,900 prospects to their online follow-up list!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
McClain Decision Support Systems
$60,000 of revenue generated from just 789 postcards!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Sera Inc.
Simply sending out postcards isn't what gets big results. It's the intentional and strategic design that generates responses.
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