The postcard design was a simple one, because the message was simple. They used an image of a water faucet and a blue backdrop as the background. They captured prospects’ attention with an intriguing question, then told them what they could do for them. The headline read, “Concerned your city may need to increase utility rates? Let us perform a cost of service study to determine the right rate!” This was sent to prospects who were in a position where they would need to increase utility rates, so this design strategy was highly effective.

The Situation

McClain Decision Support Systems consults with government entities to help them make sure they are getting the best rate for their utilities. They also help them make wise financial decisions when it comes to their energy needs. Their prospect target market is very specific, because they only consult for government-owned utilities. This is the kind of marketing that direct mail is great for, and McClain DSS found that out first hand.

The Solution

McClain DSS decided to give postcard marketing a try. They used a mailing list of 789 records. This list was comprised of city managers or governmental executives in Texas who govern a population over 1,000 people. This is the kind of specialized mailing list that targets only high-quality prospects. They mailed their postcards to this list three times with 8 weeks between each mailing. This strategy gives them multiple opportunities to build brand recognition and generate leads from their marketing.

The Results

The most important part of marketing for entrepreneurs is the RESULTS, and McClain DSS was thrilled with theirs. Their postcard campaigns generated a handful of extremely high-quality responses that led to $60,000 in revenue! With postcard marketing, it actually isn’t response rate that is the determining factor of success, and this a prime example of that. Due to the specificity of the list, the handful of responses generated a HUGE return on investment for the client.

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