This postcard was very copy-heavy, but necessarily so. It first explained what they wanted from recipients (to fill out the survey). Then, it explained why, so they could see how it was helping their state and their communities. Then, it presented the motivation, a chance to win a $100 gift card to some great stores. They were sure to include the URL for the survey several times to make sure recipients didn’t miss it.

The Situation

SERA (Schumatz Economic Research Associates) Incorporated needed to get California residents to fill out a web survey designed to help with recycling programs and energy conservation. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out how postcards could help them reach their very specific goals.

The Solution

We were always under time constraints and you guys worked hard to meet deadlines and made our workloads much better!

Postcard Design: Printed 16,000 postcards that feature their website address big and bold to attract visitors to log on to complete the survey. – A bold headline that state the purpose of postcard – Clear contact information – Compelling giveaway sweepstakes for taking survey ($100 gift card) Mailing List: For this campaign, SERA Inc. mailed to residential and commercial contacts in California (no specific demographic). Mailing Schedule: One time mailing.

The Results

Before we used black and white postcards and a got poor response rate...our response rate was way better when we starting using PostcardMania, went from around 1% to 4%.

For this campaign, SERA Inc. received an estimated 4% response rate, which equates to roughly 640 people filling out the survey. Campaign Cost for 16,000 postcards, Including postage: $5384

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