The Situation

Vector Restoration is a plumbing company in Fort Walton Beach, FL. They wanted more customers, so they reached out to PostcardMania for marketing help.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6 x 8.5 postcard that included the following features:

  • A QR code on the front of the postcard that makes it easy for the recipient to scan for more information
  • An offer for a free drain inspection
  • A list of benefits on the back of the card

They mailed 14,205 postcards to a residents living in the local area. The cards were mailed out on a weekly mailing schedule in increments of about 1,000 pieces.

The Results

They generated $250,000 in revenue!

As a result, they received 10 responses and converted all of them, generating $250,000 in revenue. Vector Restoration invested $8,409 on this campaign, so their ROI amounts to 2,873%.

Since then, Vector Restoration has ordered another 14,000 postcards and their marketing campaign is still active.

CSID: 55595