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Chiropractor Marketing Case Studies | Chiropractor Marketing Strategy

Chiropractor Marketing Case Studies

View chiropractor postcards for marketing and see our most successful designs! See mailing list details, chiropractor advertising campaigns, and real results to create your chiropractic advertisement based on proven-to-work chiropractic marketing tips.

Postcard Marketing Case Study
Jersey City Wellness Center
Generated two to three new patients every week that they mailed postcards
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Adjust Chiropractic
Adjust Chiropractic generated $29,311.29 in income!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
North Arkansas Chiropractic
They received 10 calls and 336 visitors to their website!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Durrett Chiropractic
Generated 146 responses while there was still 2 weeks left in the promotion!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
To generate the most revenue from your postcard marketing, track all your responses, both by phone and online.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Family Life Chiropractic
Where all other marketing venues fail, consistent postcard marketing campaigns succeed.
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