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Adjust Chiropractic

"Adjust Chiropractic generated $29,311.29 in income!"


Adjust Chiropractic




Bastrop, TX

Cards Mailed

Chiropractic Promotion

The Situation

Adjust Chiropractic wanted to generate more sales from their current patients before the year ended. They came to PostcardMania to help them find a way to solve this.

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The Solution

With the help of the marketing professionals at PostcardMania, a postcard was designed that targeted their existing patients through an effective holiday postcard. While the postcard was targeted towards current patients, as a bonus, Adjust Chiropractic encouraged those patients to share the discount they included with their friends. The postcard campaign proved to be a huge success, and here is what worked:

  • Two offers, which show the value of each. This entices prospects and current customers to want to use the coupon to earn that value
  • Bullet points that describe benefits of seeing a chiropractor (who doesnt want less stress or to sleep better??)
  • A testimonial from a family that uses Adjust Chiropractic and details all the benefits it provides them all

Adjust Chiropractic provided a mailing list of their own patient database.They mailed to all 1,000 of these patients, encouraging them to get an adjustment before the new year.

The Results

The holiday postcard was a hit! Adjust Chiropractic had 32 people redeem the discount they offered, which generated $29,311.29 in income!

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