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Their postcard is very visual. It is just one large image that takes up the entire front. The picture is a man holding his back, seemingly in lots of pain. The caption reads, “Don’t let the pain get this bad before you do something about it.” This urges recipients of the card to schedule a check-up or a consultation if they are experiencing any chronic pains, because they could get worse if untreated. This is highly motivational and will get the phones ringing.

The Situation

Newspaper advertising and TV advertising, for my profession, really didn't seem to be anything that worked adequately... we wanted a regular, constant communication with our patient base.

Dr. Rick Argall is a partner at Family Life Chiropractic Health Center, a chiropractic facility in Clearwater, FL. Their practice is 90% referral- based, so their main goal in their postcard campaign is to stay in touch with their client base.

The Solution

We started initially with the postcards, and now have included brochures. We have also included newsletters over the last couple years.

PostcardMania helped Family Life Health Center put together a campaign for postcards, brochures and newsletters to keep them in constant communication with their 3,000+ patient base. Their postcards are designed and mailed to their clients to grab attention and increase repeat visits. They also send out personal cards to patients on their birthdays and on holidays.

The Results

We found that if we continuously communicate to our patients, we actually maintain the patient visits and the new patient referrals at a higher level. If we stopped the mailings for two or three months, we would generally see a drop [in patients].

By designing a program for them to stay in contact with their patients, we were able to help Family Life continuously bring in a steady flow of patient visits and new patient referrals.

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