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The Situation

Jersey City Wellness Center is a chiropractor based in New Jersey that was looking for more patients. They came to PostcardMania for help creating a postcard that would stand out in mailboxes.

The Solution

Jersey City Wellness Center worked with PostcardMania to come up with an eye-catching postcard design. They wanted to target victims of car accidents and their design effectively captures the attention of this audience.

This is why their postcard worked:

  • A bright red background that makes the postcard stand out in the mail and encourages prospects to stop and read it
  • The large white headline pops off the red background and grabs the attention of car accident victims with relatability
  • The subhead encourages prospects to call by stating this is their LAST chance to receive a FREE exam and x-ray (urgency is a great tactic to make people pick up the phone and call)

Jersey City Wellness Center provided their own highly targeted mailing list of recent accident victims in the area. They decided to mail their postcards themselves and sent them to a new mailing list every week. Mailing to a new list ensures that their postcards only reach prospects who would need their service (those who RECENTLY had an accident).

The Results

Generated two to three new patients every week that they mailed postcards

This campaign proved to be a success for Jersey City Wellness Center! They generated two to three new patients every week that they mailed postcards and earned around $2,000 to $3,000 in revenue at the end of the month. Purchasing a new mailing list of all new clients along with a solid postcard design was the tactic for success here!

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