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The postcard used a white background, accented by red and blue, and an image as its main visual elements. The image showed someone holding a touchscreen monitor and using ReportMaster’s software. On the right, they listed the benefits of the software, so chiropractors could see how it would help their practice operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Situation

ReportMaster has been mailing postcards since 1999 and has been with PostcardMania since 2001.

The Solution

They mail 7,000 postcards per week and are gradually increasing it to 10,000 per week. Increased Online Response Rate: In the past, Ron from Report Master did most of the designs himself, but currently sends a six card series designed by PostcardMania’s design team. There was never a serious problem with the design or copy of Ron’s postcards, but his tracking methods needed improvement. He realized his tracking methods were giving him incorrect data while reviewing his figures, which revealed he was only getting 0.4% response from his postcards. Upon some research, he found he was actually getting 800-1,000 unique visitors on his website per week: a 14% response! These visitors were finding out about him via his postcards. From this he realized that he needed to convert more of these unique visitors into qualified leads by having them fill out online surveys. He streamlined his webpage and minimized the number of steps that it took for a visitor to get to his survey.

The Results

To generate the most revenue from your postcard marketing, track all your responses, both by phone and online.

Response Rate – Prior to the changes, he was only getting 8-15 people per week filling out surveys. Now 25 people per week (25 out of 1,000 = 2.5%) are filling them out. From the calls he gets every week, his closing percentage is 40% – 45%. From the on-line surveys, his closing percentages vary from 15% to 25%. Return On Investment: Ron puts 16% of his income toward marketing every week, which equals $1,930, and generates $12,000 in weekly gross income.

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