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Pharmacy Marketing Case Studies | Pharmacy Marketing Strategies

Pharmacy Case Studies

View proven-to-work pharmacy marketing strategies including tried-and-true pharmacy advertising flyers! See actual mailing lists, pharmacy advertisements and postcards, frequency of mailings, and all the details of real pharmacy marketing plans! Plus, each case study features easy-to-replicate pharmacy advertisement strategies which you can implement all year long!

Downtown Pharmacy
5-10 new customers monthly!
Rogersville Pharmacy Postcard
Rogersville Pharmacy
We received an immediate increase of 5 prescriptions a day from our postcards!
Pharmacy Advertising idea
Village Pharmacy
Village noticed an increase in foot traffic and an upward trend in revenue as a result of this campaign!
grand opening postcard idea
Horsham Square Pharmacy
800 attendees for our Grand Opening!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Ballard Pharmacy
120 new customers!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Rhawn Street Pharmacy
Rhawn Street Pharmacy had 150 people come in from the mailings!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Village Pharmacy
We generated about 2 new customers per day from our 4 month postcard campaign!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Appleby’s Drug Store
We doubled our flu shots this year with our postcard campaign!
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