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The postcard’s primary colors were white and green. The top of the card featured the pharmacy’s logo, contact information, store hours, social media and affiliation logos. This section built credibility with recipients and gave them all the information they needed to respond to the card. The lower section of the card used marketing copy to explain important information about their pharmacy like the services they offer and how they make their prescriptions affordable for their customers. They also offered a $5 discount on any purchase of $20 or more, which added a financial incentive to choose their pharmacy.

The Situation

Village Pharmacy is a local pharmacy in Allentown, NJ. Just like any other small business, they wanted to attract new customers, grow their business and generate more revenue. Who wouldn’t? They were intrigued by the possibilities of postcard marketing, and decided to give our marketing experts a call.

The Solution

Our marketing consultants recommended a mailing strategy that included 4 postcard mailings of 4,000 postcards each, and that’s exactly what Village Pharmacy did. Their mailing lists were comprised of the 4,000 closest residences to their location. This strategy set out to create a strong local customer base as their foundation for continuous business growth.

The Results

We generated about 2 new customers per day from our 4 month postcard campaign!

Their results using this strategy were great! When all was said and done, they generated about 2 customers per day throughout their mailings. They averaged about $20 in revenue from each customer. Since they mailed for 4 months (120 days), the revenue generation from their postcards came out to approximately $4,800!

CSID: 3836