The Situation

Rhawn Street Pharmacy, located in Philadelphia, PA, had a looming grand opening and no customers to speak of. Like all new businesses, Rhawn Street Pharmacy wanted to generate a lot of business in the surrounding neighborhood, so they needed a way to inform local, nearby residents of their grand opening. They contacted PostcardMania for their very own direct mail marketing campaign.

The Solution

Since Rhawn Street Pharmacy is a brand new business, they wanted their marketing to reach as many qualified prospects as possible, i.e. people in the surrounding area likely to benefit from their services and products. With the help of their PostcardMania marketing consultant, Rhawn Street Pharmacy decided it would be most useful to utilize Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Every Door Direct Mail is a service from the USPS that allows you to blanket an entire mail carrier route with your marketing postcards for a discounted postage rate.

For the design, Rhawn Street Pharmacy made sure to have a postcard that was attention-grabbing. Here are the keys:

A clear bold headline to immediately communicate the message

Color that POPS to ensure the mail piece stands out

And a special offer to get the new customers rolling in

As for the mailing, Rhawn Street Pharmacy purchased a list of 5,000 people, which they mailed to once.

The Results

Rhawn Street Pharmacy had 150 people come in from the mailings!

Rhawn Street Pharmacy had 150 people come in from the mailings! Not a bad start to their grand opening!

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