The postcard used visuals very effectively. It featured 4 pictures of motorcycles and motorcycle engines across the front of the card. At the very top of the card they placed the logos of the major brands they carry. This built credibility with prospects, because when they saw the brands they respect, they transferred that respect and credibility to Cruiser Customizing as well. The headline read, “Your #1 Source for Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts.” At the bottom of the card, they featured a 10% discount off the recipients’ next order, which added a financial incentive to encourage prospects to choose their company for their next part upgrade.

The Situation

Cruiser Customizing sells top-of-the-line aftermarket motorcycle parts. They wanted to build their customer loyalty while also turning their PROSPECTIVE customers into ACTUAL customers. They thought marketing postcards could help them kill two birds with one stone, so they called one of our marketing consultants to learn more about postcard marketing and it’s revenue potential.

The Solution

For Cruiser Customizing’s goals, the solution was simple. We designed them a strategic marketing postcard that would appeal to both customers and prospects alike. Then, we mailed the postcard to all 4,935 of the current customers and prospects in their in-house database. The campaign was mailed just once to remind the postcard recipients that Cruiser Customizing is still their best option for aftermarket motorcycle parts.

The Results

We generated 18 responses and $3,815 in revenue from our postcards!

The postcards got a great response with just one mailing! They received 18 responses, which generated $3,815 for their shop!

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