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American Community Bank

"We generated 250 new accounts and $17,000,000 in deposits from our postcard marketing!"


American Community Bank




Mineola, NY 11501

Cards Mailed


The Situation

American Community Bank wanted to attract more clients to their banking services. It’s a tough task to compete with the big, national banks, and it requires building a lot of trust with prospective clients. They consulted with our marketing experts to learn what marketing advantages postcards had over the other popular marketing tools.

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The Solution

When they learned about the versatility of postcard marketing, they decided to give it a try. Their marketing campaign went all out to build trust with their quality prospects. They used two different mailing lists and broke their efforts into 3 mailings. First, they mailed 9,000 cards to a resident/occupant carrier mailing list in their local zip code, which means every house on certain carrier routes got their postcard. They did this mailing twice with a new design for each mailing. Then, the second stage of the marketing strategy was a 15,000 piece mailing to all the closest businesses and residences within a certain radius of their location.

The Results

Their multi-front approach brought their bank some amazing results. They opened 250 new accounts with over $17,000,000 in deposits! Yes, that is 6 zeros, as in 17 MILLION dollars. That’s quite a return on their investment, wouldn’t you say?

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