The Situation

Located in the Tampa Bay area, The Cycle Shop is a full service motorcycle shop that has almost 100 years worth of experience. With the decision to find new clients firmly made, The Cycle Shop chose PostcardMania to assist them with their marketing campaign needs.

The Solution

For The Cycle Shops marketing campaign, we set them up with DirectMail2.0a fully integrated marketing campaign that combines direct mail, mail tracking, phone call tracking, and a built-in follow-up system to maximize marketing efforts. They provided us with a list of motorcycle owners for this campaign, so we created a postcard that features a photograph of a motorcycle on the front and copy on the back to provide the prospects with a more detailed description of the business. Beneath the copy is a special offer to encourage prospects to visit sooner rather than latersomething we definitely recommend!

The Results

The Cycle Shop received 145 unique phone calls!

After mailing 5,500 postcards twice, The Cycle Shop received 145 unique phone calls and their online follow up ads were displayed 14,955 times to the prospects who visited their website! Their phone must have been ringing off the hook! If only half of those calls turned into repair appointments worth $500, that would be over $36,000 in the bank!

CSID: 3910