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The postcard design wasn’t like a traditional marketing postcard. It was designed to look like a certificate. It was a shiny gold card that announced the recipients’ approval for their 30-Day Auto Loan. This was a creative way to get prospects’ attention and get them interested in looking at their selection of cars.

The Situation

An auto dealership in Portland, Oregon, Sunrise Auto Sales Inc. called our office wondering how they could bring in more prospective customers to their dealership. We discussed a strategy with them that focused on generating leads by removing the hesitations their prospective customers have with buying from them using a targeted postcard marketing campaign.

The Solution

The logistics of the campaign went like this: They mailed 1,000 postcards every week for 5 weeks to a list of prospects who have filed bankruptcy in the past, and they updated the list for each mailing. The card design itself focused on one of the biggest hesitations these prospects would have with buying a car – the financing. The card offered 30-day auto loan approval through a simple 3-step process. The message was simple and to the point. Someone who has filed for bankruptcy thinks they’re not going to be able to get financing, so this kind of an offer is a welcome surprise to them. It removes the prospects’ hesitations right at the start, so the offer appears to the prospects as a compelling opportunity. This makes the card effective for generating leads from their mailings.

The Results

We generated 30 leads and 3 sales from our postcard campaigns!

Sunrise Auto Sales, Inc. received about 30 new leads and CLOSED 3 sales! Through their short postcard marketing effort, they could see the strategy was generating real results for their dealership. They set up a new campaign as soon as the first one finished. These are the kinds of marketing strategies and results that are possible using a versatile and effective marketing method like postcard marketing.

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