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Construction Marketing Case Studies

View amazing home renovation postcards and successful construction advertising examples! See mailing lists and detailed renovation marketing strategy with easy steps you can use for your construction and renovation marketing plan!

Integrum Construction
5 responses and $800,000 in income!!
N-R-G Foam
14 leads and $20,000 in revenue!!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
The Tradesmen LLC
They spent $2,922.12 with postage included, and so far, they have made about $36,000. That’s a 1,132% ROI!
Successful Construction Postcard
Bay Area Manufactured Homes
3 conversions for $150,000!
Successful Construction Postcard
Davis Construction and Property Maintenance
secured a job worth $40,000!
Successful Construction Postcard
Masterpiece Outdoorliving
received 75 calls and converted 10 into new jobs, which resulted in $2 million in revenue! That’s a 2,644% ROI!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Winds of Change Contractors
…they brought in a total of around $240,000. Their ROI was 2,898%!
Curb grinder postcard idea
K&J Curb Grinding
50 new clients and 30% increase in sales!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Atlanta Home Designers
895% return on investment!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
CTE Construction & Roofing
$280,000 in new jobs!
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