The Situation

CTE Construction & Roofing of Nebraska is a full-service construction company that has been providing home and roof repairs for more than a decade. When it came time to take on new customers and construction jobs, this small business called PostcardMania for help with a winning direct mail campaign.

The Solution

The marketing experts at PostcardMania helped create a postcard campaign for the construction and roofing company that would get results.

Their postcard design was effective because:

  • The image immediately conveys the service CTE provides
  • The use of bright yellow pops off the postcard and attracts attention
  • The sub headline and short paragraph on the back lets readers know what they can do to help repair storm damage
  • Trust-building elements the BBB logo and statement that they are preferred by insurance agents help build their credibility with prospects

PostcardMania printed a large number of cards (12,000) for CTE Construction Roofing that could be sent out strategically after severe storms came through the area.

With the help of PostcardMania, they purchased a 4,000 record mailing list of single family home owners in their area, since those are the people most likely to be in need of roofing repairs following storm damage.

They sent their postcards to 4,000 residents been affected by the storms three times over the course of their campaign. Repetition is important in direct mail as it puts your message into the hands and minds of your prospects repeatedly, which increases the likelihood they will call.

The Results

$280,000 in new jobs!

CTE Construction Roofings campaign generated 26 responses, which resulted in $280,000 in jobs! Thanks to a well-designed and well-timed postcard, their return on investment (ROI) for this campaign was 5,898%!

CSID: 3648