The Situation

Francisco Gomez-Palacio started building and installing fences in high school. Years later, he decided to start his own business and launched Integrated Home Improvement in June of 2019.

However, Francisco needed help bringing in more business, so he came to PostcardMania for marketing advice. In the past he had tried marketing with Houzz, Google, and Facebook ads but they didn’t bring in enough revenue, so he decided to try direct mail.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6 x 8.5 inch postcard that included the following features:

  • An offer of 10% off a fence or deck stain
  • Professional photos of his work
  • A QR code on the back of the card that brings recipients to the website for more information
  • A positive review from a happy customer

PostcardMania mailed 1,200 postcards to a resident/occupant mailing list that targeted homeowners in the Dallas, TX area who made $200,000 in annual income and likely had children. The postcards went out in increments of 600-950 pieces on a monthly mailing schedule.

The Results

This construction company generated $24,000 with postcards!

Francisco received one fencing job from the mailings, which brought in $24,000 in revenue. His return on investment came to 4,294%.

He said, “I would say to another business owner who is thinking about trying direct mail to not overlook it just because we live in a digital age. We still live in a physical world, and direct mail works. It can get overlooked by your competition, so take advantage of the opportunity.”

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