The Situation

Pittsburgh Patio Company, a construction company specializing in patio designs and installations, is based in Evans City, PA. To attract more high-value clients and boost their revenue, they reached out to PostcardMania for assistance with their marketing strategy.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6 x 8.5 postcard that included the following features:

  • A call out for a FREE Consultation and Design
  • A beautiful and compelling image
  • A strong call to action

Pittsburgh Patio Company mailed 5,000 postcards to single-family homeowners in the local area who have owned their homes for 0-3 years and have a home market value of $600,000 or more.

The Results

They generated $60,000 in revenue!

As a result, they received 2 responses and converted both, generating $60,000 in revenue. With the lifetime value of a customer being $30,000 per job, and having invested $2,469 in this campaign, their ROI comes to an impressive 2,329%! Woah!

Are you interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Contact us to get connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating successful campaigns for other construction service providers! Utilize direct mail marketing with PostcardMania to further grow your business!

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