The Situation

Basement And Crawl Space Solutions LLC, a construction and leading home services provider based in Braidwood, IL, recognized the need to expand their customer base and increase awareness about their specialized solutions. To achieve this goal, they partnered with PostcardMania for a large-scale direct mail advertising campaign.

The Solution

Basement And Crawl Space Solutions LLC created an eye-catching 4.25 x 6 postcard that featured the following elements:

  • Striking images showcasing their exceptional work, allowing recipients to visualize the potential results
  • Thought-provoking questions like “Wet basement? Moldy crawl space?” to capture the attention of homeowners facing similar issues
  • A prominent call-out offering a FREE estimate, enticing potential customers to explore their services
  • An eye-catching list of services, highlighting the company’s expertise and capabilities

With an engaging design in hand, they mailed an impressive 98,664 postcards to their targeted audience in the local area.

The Results

They generated 34 new jobs and $167,500!

The postcard marketing campaign produced remarkable results for Basement And Crawl Space Solutions LLC:

  • Received 68 responses from interested homeowners
  • Successfully converted 34 of those responses into new customers
  • Generated substantial revenue of $167,500 from the new customer acquisitions
  • With an investment of $49,138 for the campaign, they achieved an outstanding 241% return on investment (ROI)

Basement And Crawl Space Solutions LLC’s successful postcard campaign not only attracted new customers but also reinforced the effectiveness of direct mail marketing in the construction industry.

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