The Situation

Two Boys Laundromat LLC, located in Las Vegas, NV, aimed to increase customer traffic and revenue through targeted marketing efforts. Seeking to enhance their outreach, they engaged PostcardMania to develop an effective direct mail campaign.

The Solution

PostcardMania collaborated with Two Boys Laundromat to design a compelling 6 x 8.5 postcard featuring:

  • Service Highlight: Emphasizing their laundromat’s capability to carry up to 80 lbs of laundry per load.
  • Promotional Offer: Featuring a special “FREE WASH” to attract new customers.
  • QR Code: Facilitating easy access to their website or promotional details.
  • Eye-catching Design: A friendly, inviting visual to capture attention and convey their brand.

Their 12,000 postcard campaigned was mailed to households in the Las Vegas area through Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a service from the USPS that lets you blanket an entire mail carrier route with your postcards for a discounted postage rate.

The Results

They generated $25,200 in revenue!

The direct mail campaign achieved impressive results – 100 responses were converted into paying customers.

They generated $25,200 of revenue from the campaign!

With a total investment in the campaign of $6,209, means the campaign delivered a robust ROI of 306%!

Encouraged by these outcomes, Two Boys Laundromat plans to continue leveraging direct mail marketing as a cornerstone of their customer acquisition strategy with PostcardMania. Get in touch with a marketing consultant today to get started on your very own laundry services direct mail marketing campaign!

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