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Pool Service Case Studies

View proven-to-work pool service marketing ideas including tried-and-true pool service postcards! See actual mailing lists, pool postcards designs, frequency of mailings, and all the details of real pool service advertising ideas! Plus, each case study features easy-to-replicate swimming pool service advertising strategies which you can implement all year long!

Wicked Clean Pool and Spa Maintenance, Inc
20 new accounts and $5,000 - $6,000 in monthly revenue!
Trinity Pool Management
10 new customers and $10,000 in revenue!
Clements Pool Services and Supplies
Generated 3 jobs for $14,000!
Central Washington Pool And Spa
100 new clients!
Successful Pool Service Postcard
All Natural Pool and Spa
16 responses and $15,000 in revenue!
Pool Service Postcard Idea
Swimcare Pool Service
55 new accounts!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Competition Pools
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Symbiont Service
$353,607 in sales came directly from PostcardMania
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Whip’s Pool Service
29 new clients and 8 client reactivations from 6,000 postcards!
Postcard Marketing Case Study
AAA Pool And Spa
Lay the marketing groundwork before your busy season starts. The repeated exposure you create will yield huge revenue.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Bullfrog Pools And Spas
A pool and spa company can saturate their local neighborhoods to generate huge returns on their marketing investment.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Four Seasons Pool And Spa
Sending repeated postcard campaigns to the prospects who need your services pays off big time.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Lightning Pools And Pavers
Direct mail postcards offer you efficient results, so oftentimes you'll spend less on your marketing while increasing revenue.
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