The lynchpin of this card is the copy. “Is Your Pool Ugly?” cuts right to the hot button with many pool-owners who feel their outdoor space is not what they’d like it to be. This tagline, coupled with the graphic of a beautiful outdoor pool and deck area, persuades the prospect to read the back of the card where they are informed of the client’s services and encouraged to call for a FREE estimate.

The Situation

Bullfrog Pools is a pool and deck remodeling company located in Spring Hill, Florida. They wanted a way to target their ideal customer base and entice more of them to spring for a remodel of their pool and deck. So, we worked with them to develop a campaign to do just that.

The Solution

They purchased a mailing list with 3,000 records of homes with pools located in nearby ZIP codes. Then, they scheduled two mailings to go out to that list.

The Results

A pool and spa company can saturate their local neighborhoods to generate huge returns on their marketing investment.

Here are the results from the campaign, in the client’s own words: “The first 3,000 mailed out received about 15 total responses with a gross income of $10,000 and net income of $4,000. The second 3,000 mailed out received 20 total responses with similar incomes.”

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