The Situation

In 1983, Symbiont Service became a pool service company best known for its GeoThermal installations, which is basically an energy efficient way to heat large pools. Having serviced more than 1045 clients, Symbiont knows what it takes to get the job done and the pool heated! However, when it came time to expand their business and find new clients, they choose PostcardMania to assist their efforts.

The Solution

After having chosen PostcardMania to manage their marketing efforts, Symbiont Service decided to give DirectMail2.0 a try. Not only does DirectMail2.0 send out postcards, but it also combines mail tracking, online follow-up ads, and phone call tracking to create an all-in-one marketing campaign that maximizes your budget by combining lead generation, follow-up and tracking. As for their mailing list, Symbiont Service provided us with a list of 18,000 commercial prospects. Each week, we mailed 1,000 cards as we cycled through their list of 18,000. Thats dedication to mailing!

Symbiont Services campaign used two designs, both of which feature photographs of swimming pools as well as background images of water to IMMEDIATELY remind prospects of the service being offered. One card was used to informed the prospects of the benefits of switching to GeoThermal pool heating while the other gave an example of how much one of their clients saved by having made the switchboth are good techniques to consider when designing a postcard.

The Results

Weve been very pleased with our results, although it took over six months for our first sale to come from the postcard campaign. We have a very specialized business, so we dont expect responses in tremendous numbers, but the leads weve gotten have been well qualified. We kept at it, and now over a year later we can report that as of 9/1/14, $353,607.00 in sales came directly from PostcardMania, which represented 11.5% of all the sales for this year that we made in this targeted category. Hows that for results!?

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