The postcard design is big and bold. The colorful image of a woman enjoying time by her pool immediately grabs the prospect’s attention, and the headline makes the image and card relevant to the prospect. On the back of the card, they list their services and provide clear contact information.

The Situation

Four Seasons Pool and Spa wanted an affordable way to boost their summer sales. They consulted with our marketing experts to see what postcards could do for their business.

The Solution

After working with their marketing consultant, the client decided to go with a targeted postcard campaign. They purchased a mailing list of households with pools that were located in their area. Then, they hit that list with three mailings of 2,000 cards over the course of four months (March-June).

The Results

Over the course of the campaign, they received 20 inquiries in response to the postcards. From that, they were able to generate $5,000 in additional revenue. Total Campaign Cost: $1,205.52 Revenue Generated: $5,000 Return on Investment: 415%

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