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The Situation

Central Washington Pool And Spa is a brand new startup business that services pools located in Yakima, WA. Last year when they first opened, they needed a way to let homeowners know about their business, so they contacted PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

After a consultation with one of our marketing experts on how best to promote a brand new startup business, Central Washington Pool And Spa settled on a plan that put repetition first and would span most of the year with consistent messaging over the course of 3 campaigns. . Their final campaign capitalized on a seasonal service, pool closing – this timely use of a marketing campaign has proven useful across many home servicing industries, especially pool.

Central Washington Pool And Spa’s postcard design included:

  • An image a properly closed pool which reminds the recipient of the incoming winter, creating urgency
  • A bulleted list of their service’s benefits
  • Marketing copy that describes their qualifications, giving the business legitimacy

Because Central Washington Pool And Spa specializes in pool maintenance, they needed to ensure every home targeted had one and could afford their services. So, their mailing list targeted homes containing single family homeowners with the presence of a pool and a household income of $50,000 in a 50 mile radius from their zip code. That may seem like a huge net if you live in the city or suburbs, but this service area is largely rural, where long drives are common.

Another huge reason for their success was the consistency of their mailings. Their campaigns spanned from January to August, and getting in front of the same people over the course of the year paid major dividends!

The Results

100 new clients!

They brought in 100 clients!

Central Washington Pool And Spa said all 3 of their campaigns were a major success! The average cost for a pool closing and opening is $300, so approximately $30,000 has been generated! They only spent $4,904.26 which results in a 512% Return on their Investment (ROI)!!

This was their only form of marketing, so all of this success came from PostcardMania! Also, this was only their first year of being in business!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other pool services!