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Their postcard design featured an image as the background of the card. The image was a gorgeous pool with intricately designed pavers. The headline simply labeled what the prospect was seeing in the image, which was “complete pool remodeling.” The only other copy on the front of the card was the company’s logo. It had the company’s name in a cartoony font, which made it very engaging and unique. The image they chose was the key here. It is a very attractive pool design, which generated interest from the postcard recipients.

The Situation

Lightning Pools and Pavers were on a mission to reduce their overall marketing expenses while still increasing the quantity and the quality of they leads they were generating. They consulted with our marketing experts to learn more about the benefits of direct mail postcards.

The Solution

Lightning Pools started mailing out 6000 postcards per week, with a simple, straightforward design. At the same time, they cut back on their Yellow Pages advertising because they scaled back their service area by two counties. Continuing to pay the high cost of advertising in the directories that covered those areas would be a waste.

The Results

Direct mail postcards offer you efficient results, so oftentimes you'll spend less on your marketing while increasing revenue.

Out of 6,000 postcards mailed each week, Lightning Pools gets 15-30 responses. This translates into .25 – .50%, a little below the .5 – 1% industry average. That illustrates a great point. Your response rate is not nearly as important as your Return on Investment. While reducing their Yellow Pages marketing dollars by 50%, they spent just 1/3 of those advertising dollars on a direct mail postcard campaign, reducing their overall monthly advertising budget by $2,600. Due to the increasingly targeted nature of their new promotion, Lightning Pools was able to increase their overall sales number by 53% in the first quarter they were using postcards. By using lower cost through using highly targeted postcard mailings, Lightning Pools was able to meet both aspects of their goal – lowering their marketing costs and increasing their lead traffic.

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