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The postcard design had a great look to it. They used a light blue background that was transparent so you could see two film reels behind it. They had old fashioned pictures in the center, and their headline read, “Your 8mm films aren’t gone….we can bring them back!” This gave prospects the whole picture of what the company offers, and it was an attractive service to their quality prospects.

The Situation

Jeff Eyler is expert in film transfer. His business, In a Blink Productions, offers his clients the ability to make their old 8mm films into DVDs they can keep and watch for years to come with better clarity and easier playback. It’s an amazing service, and he wanted to find a better way to get the word out about what his business can do for prospective clients. He consulted with our marketing experts to learn what his best options are.

The Solution

Our marketing staff talked him through some of the options that have worked for our other clients in similar industries. They eventually settled on our new marketing product DirectMail2.0. DirectMail2.0 offers Jeff the ability to generate leads with direct mail campaigns, follow-up with his website visitors with automated Google online ads and record all the response data and phone calls he receives from his campaign in one convenient package. It’s the perfect way to make an impression with prospects, and turn more of those prospects into actual clients. His campaign looked like this: ‰Ū¢ He purchased a mailing list of 10,000 homes, whose residents are older than 60 years old. This is a quality list, because it targets only prospects who are likely to have 8mm film that they need transferred. Only those older than 60 are likely to have used 8mm film to record their favorite moments. ‰Ū¢ He mailed to 2,500 of the homes for 4 separate mailings, eventually putting a postcard in the mailbox of all 10,000 homes on the list.

The Results

We brought in $4,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

This campaign made a huge difference for Jeff’s film transfer business, bringing him about 60 new leads. From those leads he has brought in over $4000 of revenue so far! Read what he had to say about his experience with DirectMail2.0 in his own words: “My favorite (part about DM2.0) is the ability to record my incoming phone calls, then go back and retrieve them after the fact. This is especially useful when I’m on the road. I can’t write down information then, but can play it back later and update my calendar and contacts accordingly back at the office.” In addition to that… Jeff gained 110 more followers for his social media platforms and has gotten 32,300 views of his online follow up ads since mailing his postcard campaign. DirectMail2.0 fortifies your business brand in every way imaginable. It builds your online presence, gets your phones ringing and (best of all) puts money in the bank!

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