Home Services Case Studies

Curb Appeal Solutions LLC
$10,000 in revenue!
Topline Heavy LLC
One mailing brought in 4 clients!
HPI Building Renovations
Constant flow of leads!
Mobile Works Pressure Washing LLC
26 closed leads and an anticipated $16,300!
Coronado Carpet and Stone
So far they made roughly $30,000 for a 1,322% ROI with more mailings to go!
They spent $22,491.60 with postage included, and so far, they have made approximately $40,000. That’s an immediate 205% ROI!
E & W Maintenance
50 leads and $4,000 in revenue!!
Successful Home Services Postcard
Shelf Genie
They spent $1,797.00 with postage included, and so far, they are projected to make roughly $16,000. That’s a 790% ROI!
Successful Water Solutions Postcard
Hometown Water Solutions
They spent $2,447 with postage included, and so far, they have made roughly $30,000. That’s a 1,126% ROI!
Successful Home Services Postcard
Molly Maid
15 calls and $1,100 in revenue!
Successful Home Service Provider Postcard
Extreme Storm Solutions
2 jobs and 20,000+ in revenue!
Successful Home Service Provider Postcard
Clutter Cutter
4 clients and $4,000 in revenue!
Successful Home Improvement Postcard
Decker Home Improvement
…they received 15 unique calls and 1,613 clicks to their website!
Mold Zero Postcard
Mold Zero
14 new customers and $15,000 in revenue!
Kazoo Chimney & Home Services
KCHS has received 84 phone inquiries since the first mail drop and traffic to their website has increased exponentially!
Hive spent $17,000 on this campaign which generated $356,000 in revenue for their company. That’s an ROI of 2,147%!
Tri County Foam Insulation & Concrete Lifting
Tri County received 75 responses from this campaign which they converted into 39 estimates and 22 invoices. Overall they earned $41,699 in revenue!
Brotherhood Property Maintenance
BPM received 200 phone inquiries after their initial mail drop and 32% of those callers were converted to customers. As a result, BPM saw a weekly revenue increase of $3,500 during their fall season!
Handiman Service & Repair
All the new work that I’ve had over the last 6 months was from the last postcard mailer that I did with you guys. It was really effective and it filled up my schedule.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
Williams & Bay Pumping Services
We experienced a stronger economy and I feel continuing effects of our ongoing campaign that helped produce a better response.
Postcard Marketing Case Study
With DirectMail2.0, GutterBrush received 80 new leads!
Prime Building Services
Targeting local prospects in the community can generate a buzz around your business and bring in valuable referrals.
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