The Situation

In 1994, Williams Bay Pumping began providing Cedar, Michigan and the surrounding areas with septic tank services, and in 2005 enlisted PostcardMania to help them drum up more business annually. With yearly campaigns, postcards were working well for Williams Bay but recently, they decided to go back to the drawing board with their go-to marketing experts, PostcardMania, and try something new.

The Solution

In the years leading up to this campaign, Williams Bay had been using postcard marketing consistently (and seeing great results, too), but for this campaign, they upgraded to DirectMail2.0. DirectMail2.0 is a fully integrated marketing campaign that builds on the lead generating power of direct mail with automatic online follow-up, mail tracking, and phone call tracking to generate the most amount of leads possible for the least marketing expense. Plus, with call tracking, you capture EVERY lead that calls (rather than just those who speak to someone) AND you can go back and listen to calls later to assess the performance of your team.

For the mailing aspect of their campaign, we provided Williams Bay Pumping with 20,000 records and they added to that both current customers and prospects with septic tanks. We mailed to the list in drops of 4,000-8,000 postcards at a time, hitting the entire list a total of 8 times.

The Results

in 2012 we had 668 postcards turned in by customers. In 2013 we mailed approx. the same amount of postcards and received 804 cards from customers. (The) 17% increase in response was in line with all other aspects of our business! I like the Google remarketing. We experienced a stronger economy and I feel continuing effects of our ongoing campaign that helped produce a better response. Know why Williams Bay was able to see such great results? Two wordssay it with me consistent exposure! Williams Bay built themselves a brand to be remembered (in a good way) by consistently sending out postcards since 2005! That way, when it came time for their prospects to find a septic tank service provider, Williams Bay Pumping were top-of-mind (and there postcards were probably pretty handy too).

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