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The Situation

JTN Communications is an internet and TV service provider in Farmington, MN, which is just outside of the big city of Minneapolis. They wanted to beat their competition and bring in more customers, so they started an Everywhere Small Business Platinum campaign with PostcardMania.

The Solution

JTN Communications purchased an Everywhere Small Business Platinum Campaign that included 6,000 postcards, follow-up Facebook and Google ads, QR Codes, and Informed Delivery. They provided a list of preselected homes that are eligible to use their services.

Graphic designers created an engaging postcard that included:

  • An enticing offer for a free internet/TV service installation
  • A QR Code was on the front, pointing the recipient to their website. A quick scan using the camera on their smartphone would pull up the site immediately for more information.
  • Competitive benefits, such as service in rural areas, super-fast upload and download speeds, and lower prices

First, prospects received an email —using PostcardMania’s Informed Delivery product — alerting them to the incoming postcard that would be in their mailbox that very day. The email included an image of the postcard and a link that led prospects straight to JTN Communications’ website.

Two-thousand postcards were mailed out in two batches in February and March of 2022. The third mailing of 2,000 postcards would be shipped out in April. Afterward, every prospect that visited JTN’s website from the direct mail campaign received Facebook and Google ads on their browser, reminding them of the offer for a free installation and competitive prices if they switched service providers.

The Results

They got 8 new customers, increasing their annual revenue to $6,720!

After just two mailings, JTN Communications got 8 new customers, and they are expecting their sales to be even higher once they finish their first direct mail marketing campaign in April! The Facebook and Google ad impressions and clicks, as well as the QR code scans, continue to bring new customers to their website. Their Google ads resulted in more than 183 clicks; Facebook ads more than 56 clicks; and the QR Codes were scanned more than 15 times.

Each customer pays about $70 a month for internet and/or TV services, so these 8 conversions generated an additional $6,720 in annual revenue for their business. JTN Communications’ customers normally stay with them for years, so the return on investment for this campaign could be enormous in the long-run. Additionally, they spent $3,884 on the order, so they have already made a profit!

JTN Communications is looking forward to the seeing the positive results of their future mailings.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other internet/TV service providers and communications professionals.