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The Situation

Blue Grass Community Action had room for 14 passengers on its bus route but was only averaging 2-3 per day. The nonprofit was looking for a way to increase awareness of its program so more people could take advantage of this valuable community service.

The Solution

We recommended an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign for the nonprofit, which blanketed an entire area and saved them money on postage. They sent out 18,000 cards two times with great success!

The postcard included a lot of effective elements:

  • A bold headline that works with the image so recipients immediately know what theyre offering
  • Contact information on both sides
  • FOUR coupons for free rides
  • A subheadline that leads into text on the back
  • A super effective list of benefits

The Results

We have tripled our ridership and are getting around 10 passengers per day. We are very happy with the results. We are so happy with the results we are duplicating our efforts and are in the design stage of our second mailing in another city with plans for more to come.

As a nonprofit organization, Blue Grass Community Action operates on state and federal grants, so they dont calculate a return on investment, but the campaign was an enormous success, judging by their ridership. They went from an average of 2-3 riders per day to 10! It worked so well, theyre already doing another postcard campaign for a different city, with more to come!

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