This postcard was created with a black, white and yellow color scheme. They featured two images of the kinds of guns they sell (one pistol and one shotgun). The headline read, “No Minimum Orders, Free Shipping! Save Money with Our Gun Bundle Packages!” On the back, they offer free shipping and no minimum orders to offer financial incentive to prospective clients.

The Situation

Sarac Distributors sell guns wholesale to retailers. They wanted an efficient way to reach out to prospective buyers and thought postcard marketing could be the solution. They called our marketing consultants to find out more about what direct mail offers their business.

The Solution

They mailed their strategically designed postcard to a targeted mailing list of 22,165 gun retailers. These are quality prospects for their business, so a list like this gave them their best chance of producing a great return on investment from their marketing.

The Results

We generated $10,000 in revenue from one mailing!

Sarac Distributors received approximately a 7% response rate. From their responses, they’ve been able to generate $10,000 in sales so far. The results are still coming in, so we don’t know their full return on their investment. However, with $10,000 generated already, they’ve already brought in a nice profit from their marketing. Over time it can prove to be even better.

CSID: 3915